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Food Metal Detector

This digital intelligent food metal detector is a new generation of intelligent metal detector adopted digital intelligent technology, which realizes full digitally and intelligently on metal detection.With excellent performances and easy operation to improve efficiency greatly.

Machine Features

• Operating system adopts highly human-oriented and intelligent designand has the function of one-bottom self-learning. The machine can set and store product parameters automatically and precisely when the products to be detected passing metal detector according to set procedure, no need to adjust by human and is easy to operate.

• Detector is made by COSO unique materials and manufacturing techniques, possessing high sensitivity, strong ability for anti-interference, stable performances, and life span more than 10 years.

• Having memory function for 100 kinds of products parameters; that is, metal detector can store 100 kinds of products parameters, and once the products parameters are set, no need to adjust again.

• Metal detector can automatically detect faults when booting and has the function of prompt, which can effectively eliminate invalid detection.

• The whole machine adopts modular design and installation, which benefits for assembly and disassembly, having advantages of convenient maintenance and low cost for maintenance.

• Customization can be provided according to detecting products’ sizes, weight and characteristics in order to achieve best detection results.

• The automatic conveying system, reject system and control system can be customized according to production line’s features, which can enhance production efficiency.

• Customization for waterproof, dust-proof and explosion-proof needs can be provided according to the environment of production line in order to protect usage safety.